The Music of Paul Eakins

Paul Eakins' legacy lives on through his family who are selling the music he recorded from his famous collection of musical machines.

The Gay 90s Village, Inc. was in business since the 1950's and was initially involved in acquiring and displaying Eakins collection of machines at the Million Dollar Museum in Sikeston, Missouri and The Gay 90s Melody Museum located in St. Louis, Missouri. Both museums were closed when Eakins sold the bulk of his collection to Walt Disney World in the late 1970's.

Eakins and his family retained the rights to the music he had recorded. This music is being offered for sale to collectors and antique music lovers through a mail-order catalog and, now, through this Web Site. It is also available to the entertainment and amusement industry.

If you have any questions about Paul Eakins, the story of his amazing music machine collection or the music recorded from these machines, please contact  Chris Carlisle, his grandson,  at the address, telephone number or email address listed on the Contact Information page.



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